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Beauty Salon Lighting Is Key To Creating Perfect Hair Color Tones

PRLog (Press Release) Apr. 15, 2009 Salon lighting is very important both for the salon's image and for optimizing the stylist's working environment. Proper salon lighting helps stylists and clients see true hair colors and tones.

Lighting systems that fade quickly, such as halogen lighting, can cause stylists and clients to see hair differences in hair color as time goes on and the lighting begins to fade. This creates issues in that the color that has been chosen for the client will not look the same each visit resulting in complaints and re do's.

For decades, salons have battled with ways to efficiently illuminate their workspace while getting the brilliance needed to truly show good hair color and complexions.

According to , of Eco Lite wholesale jerseys supply Products, ""Most good quality lighting in top salons currently consists of halogen and incandescent lighting mixed, for a ""balanced"" tone of light. Tone being ever important because it is not just about being ""bright"" it is about creating the ""perfect"" tone of color.""

The problems with creating that type of lighting has meant using expensive to run, hot, halogen lighting which burns a lot of energy in the process of getting the wholesale nfl jerseys supply brilliance needed to truly show good hair color and complexions. An additional issue is created due to the fact that halogen lights fade quickly with time. This means that the clients see their hair under different light each time they are in the stylist chair due to the fact that the color of the light fades over a few months time.

Eco Lite manufactures Minardi Color Perfect Lighting which will provide an affordable instant lighting makeover to tens of thousands of salons across the United States. Minardi Color Perfect Lighting consists of 3 different light fixtures that solve the lighting problems that have plagued salons for decades. Their energy efficient ""green"" lighting uses anywhere from cheap nfl jerseys supply 40 60% less power than what is currently being used, reduces heat values, which in turn will require less cooling energy from air conditioning.

Minardi Color Perfect Lighting is ideal to salon owners who want to enhance the beauty of their salon as well as for colorists and stylists who need the functionality of proper lighting to ensure consistent and accurate color results for their clients.

The task lighting designed to sit above the stylist chair is only 22 watts and creates a natural light that perfectly illuminates hair. The color of the light will not fade over time. The mirror light for around a stylist's workstation is only 9.3 watts and provides a warm soothing glow to the customers face. This fixture eliminates the unwanted and unflattering shadows that cause the client to cringe when they see their reflection in the mirror of the styling station.

The ambient light showers the salon with lighting that provides a bright cheerful environment and is available in 39 cheap jerseys supply watt and 70 watt styles that provide more light than 150 and 300 watt halogen fixtures respectively.

According to Gurock, ""Minardi Color Perfect Lighting is the perfect solution to optimizing the work environment for your stylists while efficiently enhancing the beauty of your salon.""About Eco Lite Products

Eco Lite Products is a leading supplier of energy efficient, product enhancing lighting to beauty salons, art galleries, jewelry stores and nfl jerseys supply eyewear retailers.

Eco Lite's fixtures are manufactured based on their cornerstone lighting principles. Their products are the perfect combination of energy efficiency, power, color and longevity. PRLog can't be held liable for the content posted by others. Report Abuse